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Free Keyboarding links compiled by Susan Summerford, Lenawee ISD



  1. Keybr.com - check your speed and accuracy http://www.keybr.com/ 

  1. Printable Keyboard Template - Teachnet PDF http://www.teachnet.com/graphics/powertools/neattools/keyboard.pdf

  1. BBC's Dance Mat Typing http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/

  1. Krazy Keyboarding for Kids This course is designed to give elementary level students the opportunity to learn and develop touch keyboarding skills which can be used with confidence and enjoyment for a lifetime


  1. Arlys Peterson's Web Site Sioux Falls This site has an a huge selection of keyboarding information, fonts, clipart and a ton of technology links.


  1. TYPING PAL ONLINE Start typing now! Click on an apple to begin the exercise. We recommend that you follow the order in which the exercises appear.


  2. Lee's Summit School District Has paper keyboards to use at home, links to typing games and instruction.


  3. TYPING ABC's  Practice typing the letters of the alphabet


  1. KEYBOARDING PRACTICE   Basic practice exercises; homeroom and more


  1. KEYBOARDING PRACTICE  Type a letter on the keyboard and watch it light up on the screen.  http://www.literacycenter.net/letters_en/typing_en_uc.asp

  1. FLASH TYPING   Attempt to vaporize asteroids (letters) before they hit your space ship; free download http://www.kidsdomain.com/down/pc/flashtyping.html

  1. AL BUNNY'S TYPING CLASS Type the letters and see if the bunny can beat the turtle; free download  http://www.sunmoonusa.com/TryAl.htm

  1. TYPE ONLINE  Practice keyboarding skills learned in class!


  1. Kiran's Typing Tutor - this is a link to a free download!


  1. This is a free keyboarding site that offers tutorials and online keyboarding  Games http://www.computerlab.kids.new.net/keyboarding.htm

  1. More keyboarding games! http://www.nimblefingers.com

  1. This site has lots of links to typing exercises and games. Just click on one of the colorful pictures!  Thank you to Lee Ann Lacy for this great site!


  1. Free typing practice- set to a music beat!



Keyboard Shortcuts:

Use the numeric keypad on your keyboard to type these characters and symbols:

Hold down the Alt key and type... to make this.
248 90° (degree symbol)
246 4÷2 (division symbol)
155 25¢ (cent sign)
253 4² (exponent of 2)
160 á
130 é
161 í
162 ó
163 ú
164 ñ
129 ü
Num Lock must be on.

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